Wednesday, March 17, 2010

goodbye: at least for a few days

so. the week after next is my spring break
i am SWAMPED with assignments to complete
not to mention projects for my upcoming bridal shower next weekend
AHHH. going crazyyy

this is what is due:

-senior sem paper-completed draft
-senior sem-presentation of thesis/paper
-college algebra- paper
-approaches to grammar- final draft of paper
-world history- book report

therefore...i am sad to say i am putting myself on a blogging/facebooking hiatus
for a few days in order to try and complete everything that is due next week
by this weekend so i can focus on the projects for the shower.
ughhh. wish me luck.

i'll leave you with some more swap meet finds from the past weekend


  1. good luck with everything (certainly seems like you have your hands full!) great postcards :)



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