Thursday, September 30, 2010

wedding 7.

our exit

when it finally came time to leave...i don't think either of us were ready
we were having so much fun with our friends and family
it was all just too much and our wedding seemed to go by so so fast

saying goodbyes

but we did get to leave in this PHENOMENAL old car...the driver even took us to our hotel
i'll have to get the name of the company and their website for any socal brides looking for a fun get-a-way car. they were very reasonably priced.

and our friend mackenzie made this adorable 'just married' sign for us and put it in the window
it has these lyrics on the back 'always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name' (avett brothers)
it now hangs in our little oregon home

life after wedding coming up next...(and hopefully some wedding photos to share from tec soon!)

Monday, September 27, 2010

post-wedding chop.

today i did something kind of nuts
i chopped all of my hair off

and when i say all of it...i mean the shortest its ever been in my life.
ohhhhhh man is it liberating!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

wedding 6.

reception decor.

i was SO beyond excited when i finally got to look around at my whole vision come together!
gosh...did you all experience that at your wedding?

i mean, i could easily picture it all in my head, but to actually see it translated on the wedding day was just mind-blowing.

when i was out at thrift stores and swap meets, scouring for vessels for all of the florals, oftentimes it was hard to visualize them with flowers in them. most of the time, something about them just struck me and i went with it. thanks to hannah they all looked incredible and each stood out on their own.

i cannot wait to have REAL wedding photos to show you all from tec. hopefully i'll be getting them soon!!

(our friends wesley jensen and the wildcats who played for our cocktail hour)

have a wonderful thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wedding 5.

the dances were some of the most fun, but also most poorly planned part of the wedding
i say that only because we didn't think to cut the songs at certain times
and when you are up there, with all eyes on you and your dancin partner, a song that takes 3 minutes can feel like 3 hours

all was well though because in between the songs, following our first dance, i told the dj to cut them down

especially when i danced to moonlight serenade with my grandpa (that song is like 10 minutes long, i swear)

the grandfather/daughter, mother/son and first dance as husband and wife though were by far some of my favorite memories of the day

i got to dance with two of the best men i know, and my mister's mom was beside herself enjoying that dance with her son. so special

look at this guy, who WOULDN'T want to dance with him???

Monday, September 13, 2010

wedding 4.

first of all...i got a job!!!! that is why i have disappeared lately.
so exciting because i was looking for such a hard time and i had been working every day last week. thank goodness.

anyway. i have some facebook photos to share with you of the reception now.
we've only received a few sneak peak images of our actual wedding photos from Tec
but i promise to share the wedding photos with you as soon as we get them. i can't wait!

the reception was so crazy, i mean the whole day went by so quickly but the reception
was a whirlwhind
it was so so fun and ended with the song "a little help with my friends," the Joe Cocker version
which turned into one giant swaying back and forth arm and arm with all of our friends.
it was amazing.

back it up babe.

several men ended up unbuttoned. oh my.

tomorrow i'll share some more specific/special dancing that took place.
and later on reception decor. ;-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

wedding 3: tinys.

we had some of the cutest ring-bearers and flower-girls i've ever seen
they kill me. i could just eat them up i love them so.

you can also see some of the ceremony decor: the ribbon bunting lining the inside of the aisle
as well as the two projects i did for the little tiny ones: the flower girl bucket

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wedding 2.

our ceremony was the most honest and real wedding ceremony i've ever experienced.
our pastor and friend who married us talked about the darkness in marriage, the hard times, instead of just focusing on adam and eve or the sanctity of marriage.
our vows were the same:

in mine i promised noah to work hard and not give up
to try always to be patient and kind
to support and respect him

in his he promised that although there may be times in the future that would be hard
that he would always be willing to apologize
that we would never go to bed angry
and that he would always work hard to change
(he cried the whole time, and i used my hanky to wipe up some of my own tears)

it was incredible. i'm not saying that ceremonies involving adam and eve, biblical references to marriage and so on are not beautiful or special. i'm just saying that ours was so us.
i loved every minute of it and i got to marry my best friend.


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