Friday, February 26, 2010


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i guess you could say 'mismatched' is in fact the theme of my wedding
...mismatched bridesmaid dresses
...mismatched vintage vases and vessels
and most the most recent venture: mismatched plates

oh yes, indeed. i am taking on the challenge of finding 200+ mismatched plates for my wedding this august.
i just find the look and feel it gives too charming to pass up. especially considering that these plates were used to feed so many others throughout the decades. who knows who ate off of them?!
plus...i can always give them away to guests or even keep them and rent them out afterward!
i'm sure there are plenty of other brides who'd love mismatched china but don't have the time to search. right?

anywayyyy i've got 30 so far--only 170 to go....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


oh deary.

the bridesmaids dresses. really, though.
i don't know why i imagined that bridesmaid dress shopping/searching would prove to be the simplest of bridal duties.
oh no. i was so wrong

originally, i really wanted to tackle vintage mismatched bridesmaid dresses. insert inspiration here:

via (oncewed)

but then, considering all of the DIY and collecting of vintage items i was taking on for the wedding, i sort of gave up too easy on that idea and then considered having all of my maidens rock this little number:

which I LOVED. however, i soon realized that if i was going to be devoted to my whole vision, i better not give up that easily. SO we have now planned to head to the Rosebowl flea market in Pasadena (one of my favorites for finding all sorts of vintage pieces). because not only do they have phenomenal furniture and home decor finds, they also have an AMAZING vintage clothing section.

i will most certainly be posting what we stumble upon.
so glad one of my maids made sure i didn't give up on this idea.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


FINALLY got our save the dates all the way from across the pond yesterday!
they should go out by the end of the up for this week:
planning the bridal shower

not to mention i've got papers and midterms galore this week and next
this whole planning a wedding while finishing school thing is starting to get a little

but it will all be worth it because i'll get to look at this face every morning when I wake up:

i miss him all the time.
the wedding/school madness continues...

Sunday, February 21, 2010


these gentlemen are doing our wedding video
i never knew a wedding video could be like this
i am SO thrilled
i will let their work speak for itself:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

dj check.

wedding DJs: they can make or break the entire reception

we were planning on simply relying on an ipod playlist made by the two of us to keep the party going...(bad idea). probably due to the fear of the awful, self-centered wedding DJs who are there to put on a show and be as loud and obnoxious as humanly possible (cringe).

well relying on an ipod is fine if you aren't planning on having dancing at your wedding (perhaps for a backyard wedding or something somewhat smaller) however, we were certainly planning on having a party-thats what DJs are for. to read the crowd and keep the party going.

so, my mom and I began scouring the internet for DJS, even checking out some recommended by our venue.

some websites had cheesy flashing lights (on the website) and house music.
some DJs were rocking sweatbands on both their heads and arms trying to look as super hip
as possible.

ugh. but then my mom searched for local san diego DJs in yelp. thank god!!!!
because then she came across this man: DJ Mike Farmer
(i know, precious, right?) he is the most professional, most experienced, most understanding and helpful DJ i've ever met and/or spoken to. (how many have you met rachael? really? yes, there have been a few in my wedding lifetime)

anyway. Noah, who was the most worried about the whole DJ situation just LOVED him and so did I. i'll let his yelp posting speak for itself: yelp

Monday, February 15, 2010


registering for gifts has proven rather time consuming and/or overwhelming.
who knew there was such a thing as a fingertip towel???
or that you not only needed wine glasses, for both red and white (duh), but "high-roller" glasses as well? are they for the "high-rollers" that come over?
and do those high-rollers then employ the finger-tip towels after they've finished their drink?


well. with all of this confusion about fondue sets and margarita machines...i have been able to find a few delights that i am very excited about:

cirrus bedding from anthropologie

a pepper grinder!!
(who doesn't love it fresh-cracked over a caesar salad)

a dyson vacuum.

the registering saga continues...

Monday, February 8, 2010

save the dates

our custom save the dates...made with the help of the phenomenal ms. Haley over at
were featured today on

i cannot believe how amazing they turned out.
especially Haley's calligraphing of the addresses


i am DYING to get them so i can send them out!
coming to our wedding guests soon...


pretty sure i'm in love with these shoes.
the hunt continues as i determined my love for the vivenne westwood shoes turned out to be rather wishy-washy and after i couldn't find them available anywhere, i gave up.

thoughts? ideas? concerns?

Monday, February 1, 2010

love this

as i was perusing through the wedding blog world today, i came across this on SMP
and just about died. so gorgeous.

all images via (stylemepretty)


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