Tuesday, February 23, 2010


FINALLY got our save the dates all the way from across the pond yesterday!
they should go out by the end of the week...next up for this week:
planning the bridal shower

not to mention i've got papers and midterms galore this week and next
this whole planning a wedding while finishing school thing is starting to get a little

but it will all be worth it because i'll get to look at this face every morning when I wake up:

i miss him all the time.
the wedding/school madness continues...


  1. the whole wedding/school madness is starting to take a tole on me. i'm more excited/motivated with the excitement of the wedding...and at this point i could give a crap about school. whoops.

  2. haha. so true lady!
    i'm in the same boat. just over it.
    thanks for the encouragement/empathy though
    you are a gem

  3. you girls are making me feel a bit better about not being in school and the wedding behind us. but it feels weird to not be so insanely busy. i know it's crazy, but i kind of miss it in a weird way!



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