Wednesday, February 24, 2010


oh deary.

the bridesmaids dresses. really, though.
i don't know why i imagined that bridesmaid dress shopping/searching would prove to be the simplest of bridal duties.
oh no. i was so wrong

originally, i really wanted to tackle vintage mismatched bridesmaid dresses. insert inspiration here:

via (oncewed)

but then, considering all of the DIY and collecting of vintage items i was taking on for the wedding, i sort of gave up too easy on that idea and then considered having all of my maidens rock this little number:

which I LOVED. however, i soon realized that if i was going to be devoted to my whole vision, i better not give up that easily. SO we have now planned to head to the Rosebowl flea market in Pasadena (one of my favorites for finding all sorts of vintage pieces). because not only do they have phenomenal furniture and home decor finds, they also have an AMAZING vintage clothing section.

i will most certainly be posting what we stumble upon.
so glad one of my maids made sure i didn't give up on this idea.


  1. love that look and that you're sticking with it! it'll be worth the pretty pictures. i would love to go to that flea market, holy smokes.



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