Friday, February 26, 2010


via (oncewed)

i guess you could say 'mismatched' is in fact the theme of my wedding
...mismatched bridesmaid dresses
...mismatched vintage vases and vessels
and most the most recent venture: mismatched plates

oh yes, indeed. i am taking on the challenge of finding 200+ mismatched plates for my wedding this august.
i just find the look and feel it gives too charming to pass up. especially considering that these plates were used to feed so many others throughout the decades. who knows who ate off of them?!
plus...i can always give them away to guests or even keep them and rent them out afterward!
i'm sure there are plenty of other brides who'd love mismatched china but don't have the time to search. right?

anywayyyy i've got 30 so far--only 170 to go....


  1. I love your style!!! I'm also getting married at Leo Carrillo this year (10.2.10). Let me know if you want to sell any of your mismatched items to a like minded bride when your wedding is over ;)

  2. OK, I am doing the exact same thing! Please report on your progress!! I am beginning this weekend with excursions to ten or so local thrift shops...what am I in store for? Also, what are you doing for silverware and glasses?


  3. My mom always freaks out that we don't have a certain number of plates that are the same but honestly I'd rather guests have different ones for each of them. It's just more fun that way.



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