Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgivin' tuesday.

i know its almost december and i know thanksgiving was last week...
but i still wanted to share some photos of our thanksgiving table/evening

not only was it our first thanksgiving married and only our second being together in the 4 years we've been dating, but it was our first year hosting it. we were both beyond excited.
hense the mister's anxiety about the perfect turkey and me about my tablescape creations. i used a lot of the plates i collected for the wedding as well as the plates.

it went great for the most part except for the fact that our 23 lb turkey took a bit longer than we thought ;-) duh.
here are some photos of the joyous event

tomorrow: more wedding snapshots

monday delights 6.

goodness. this last week has been nuts.

what with being sick, working, hosting thanksgiving and getting snowed upon.
we've also had guests the last three weekends which has been so fun and we were so grateful to see our beautiful friends and family, but i have to admit, it is nice to have the house to ourselves again and just be little marrieds. ;-)
today we are getting to spend the whole day together, which is a nice start to the week
but most of you out there have started your work week and so i have another edition of monday delights to help kick it off:

we started christmas a little early this weekend!

crazy for this colorful pom pom wedding

amy is making some crafty cute christmasy projects

somebody please buy me this furry snood

or this scarf. swoon.

finally, have you seen katie's adorable hand-sewn ornaments??

hope these fun treats from around the web brighten your monday!
tomorrow: i'll be sharing our thanksgiving tablescape and tales of our first thanksgiving as married hosts!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

wedding photo...thursday.

goodness, yesterday was nuts what with prepping for thanksgiving,
friends stopping by that were in town and working,
but today i shall make up for yesterday and share a wedding photo or two
plus a bonus thanksgiving post a little later!

photos taken at our wedding of just some of the people i'm so thankful for

tomorrow: thanksgiving DIY projects/arrangements/table! happy day..sorry its so late

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIY: yarn bottles.

over the weekend i worked, hung out with the mister watching anthony bourdain no reservations (he loves it) and worked on these little yarn bottles.

they are a project i'm working on for my wintery tablescape collaboration with Debbie and i am so excited to share them with you!
wrapping yarn around these clear lambrusco bottles i recently polished off was time-consuming but so worth it in the end:

i started at the top of the bottle and worked my way down. first i tied a knot around the top then wrapped the rest of the yarn around the hanging string from the knot.

for the best results pull the string semi-tightly when you wrap it. don't wrap it so tight that it bunches up (especially for thinner string) but just enough so that is stays in place.
finally when i got to the bottom of the bottle i used fabric glue to bind the end of the string to the rest of the wrapped string.

so far i've finished a cranberry one and two cream colored ones. i'm thinking about using them for my thanksgiving table as well!
i'll be working on some more projects for thanksgiving/our tablescape throughout the week and i can't wait to share them with you all ;-)

tomorrow-another wedding photo or two!

Monday, November 22, 2010

monday delights 5.

christmas shopping edition!!!!!!

did you hear about this!?!?! 50% off on black friday at selected UO locations!??! if only i lived close to one. dangit (please go for my sake!!!)

super cute bowtie for your summer groom
lovely vintage button rings for your sisters/nieces/best friend (i gave some like these to my bridesmaids in vintage celluloid ring boxes like this)

anthro ornaments are amazing and would make killer stocking stuffers
everyone loves a good moustache
for the little one. or these.
i could browse the internet all day doing christmas shopping, especially since there aren't many shopping options here in bend.
how is your shopping going? mine is moving...slowly. i really need to get on it! it's december next week!!!!!! what? nuts.

tomorrow i'll be sharing some cozy DIY projects i've been working on for my wintery scene creation with Debbie of Bridalhood! good luck shopping!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wedding photo wednesday.

first of all...sorry for the lack of posting the last few days (my mama-in-law was in town and we were all having adventures around oregon)
i owe you all a killer edition of monday delights next week to make up for it
i suppose i'll have to start researching for it ASAP-maybe i'll do a christmas present-ideas edition
for now i hope another wedding photo wednesday will suffice!
this one is for sure up there in my favorites, from what i can tell is our photog's favorite and my husband's favorite.

hope you're having a beautiful day! its supposed to snow here the next few days!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

riley and kimberly:engagement.

these two are too cute for words.
let me introduce you to the bride and groom i am currently working with, riley and kimberly.

they did their engagement shoot in pasadena, ca. and incorporated all of their own props.
these two have awesome style and such creativity. we are working on what is sure to be a phenomenal DIY wedding for next fall in colorado. can't wait to show you all how this one turns out!

have a lovely holiday weekend. see you on monday!


wedding cakes, to be more specific.
many would suggest they are one of the highlights/key details of a wedding.
did you know that i make them? or can...if you wanted me to.

along with offering event planning/design services, i will also be having separate packages for wedding cakes and desserts!

i made the cake for this wedding, seen yesterday on Ruffled (and coordinated it)

and for my own wedding (i know, i'm nuts--i finished it the morning of!)

hope your thursday is perfectly lovely.
tomorrow i'll be sharing the engagement photos of the couple whose wedding i'm planning. they are AMAZING!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wedding photo(s) wednesday.

"always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name"
-avett bros.

happy wednesday!!

tomorrow: a word about wedding cakes!


oh man. my bachelorette party. what an adventure. i cannot believe its taken me this long to share the tale with you!

it all started with a party bus:
which drove us around southern cal all night to several different bars...but first...there were cosmos and margaritas to be had at home.

then a competition: before we left all of the ladies were broken up into teams for the scavenger hunt they were about to embark on. the first challenge- to build the bride a veil she could wear for the night. the contenders are seen below...

my pimp cup (haha) was full and my veil was on, we were ready to go!
the scavenger hunt consisted of many bachelorette-esk tasks to be completed by the teams: get 5 handsome strangers phone numbers, get a house cocktail recipe from the bartender, etch the newlyweds names and wedding date into the bathroom of the bar (which is already covered in grafitti), the list goes on
as we continued our journey throughout san diego county, it got a little nuts in the party bus. the drinks and the dancing and the beat of the music began to overtake us.

i cannot share all the details, for it is necessary to keep some of the secrets of our crazy night. lets just say that the winner of the scavenger hunt, won by a long shot. and that it was so much fun spending that night not only with my bridesmaids but with so many friends from so many seasons of life. all in the same place at the same time.
if you are reading this girls, i love you so much. thank you for an amazing night.
and a word to the wise, stay away from mixing vodka and tequila in one

the end.

ps-more wedding photos to share with you tomorrow!


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