Monday, November 22, 2010

monday delights 5.

christmas shopping edition!!!!!!

did you hear about this!?!?! 50% off on black friday at selected UO locations!??! if only i lived close to one. dangit (please go for my sake!!!)

super cute bowtie for your summer groom
lovely vintage button rings for your sisters/nieces/best friend (i gave some like these to my bridesmaids in vintage celluloid ring boxes like this)

anthro ornaments are amazing and would make killer stocking stuffers
everyone loves a good moustache
for the little one. or these.
i could browse the internet all day doing christmas shopping, especially since there aren't many shopping options here in bend.
how is your shopping going? mine is moving...slowly. i really need to get on it! it's december next week!!!!!! what? nuts.

tomorrow i'll be sharing some cozy DIY projects i've been working on for my wintery scene creation with Debbie of Bridalhood! good luck shopping!


  1. I absolutely wish I had a UO near by!!! I can browse through UO and Anthropologie for hours on end.

  2. ooooh! I realllly want to make those ornaments



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