Friday, April 30, 2010


happy happy day to you all.
tomorrow: dress fitting.
next week: finals.
next saturday: graduate!!!
in the mean time i wanted to share a sneak peak of the real wedding i'll be posting next week
until then:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


bridal shower designed and thrown for my beautiful roommate paigey
her colors were lavender, grey and creme/white as you can see.
the little playhouse in our backyard.

some of the florals

table scape.
luckily we had enough wood tables and vintage chairs to seat everyone.
place settings
bags of lavender as the favor.
my other roommate alex made the lavender sprig name tags
she also took all the photos.
little bow

baby's breath. yesssss.
ribbon bunting. simple and pretty.

Monday, April 26, 2010


good tuesday to you beauties.

i have some news to share. FINALLY picked my shoes. (seriously, i am the worst at making decisions). anyway, the winner is:

yes yes. number 3 is the winner. after taking a trip to nordstrom to see if they were available for trying on, and failing, since they only had the leopard-print i decided to consult the most dependable helper in decision making i know: the mom. after she voted a yes for them, along with my maid of honor, and considering all of the votes it got from you gorgeous ladies, i was unable to deny it any longer: they were meant to be.

they go with my vintage theme and i KNOW i will wear them again. we'll see if they last on my feet the whole night, however. (killer heel, but surprisingly comfortable)

anyway, i seriously cannot thank you all enough for your input.

also, i did a little baking date with some blogger friends of mine who enjoy all things cupcake and i thought i would share it with you. (insert cupcake nirvana here)

coming up: i planned/executed another shower, my beautiful roommate paige's. gotta share some of those photos with you. PLUS- my first "real wedding" to post. :-)

this dress.

i need it. oh gosh. if only i had thought to look up vintage maxi dresses.

in other news: THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me figure out my shoe decision.
i'm going to make a final decision soon and i'll keep you posted! i really appreciate your help and advice

also: wedding dress fitting THIS SATURDAYYY. maybe i can sneak some photos on here if i make mr. hersh promise not to look until after the wedding.

Friday, April 23, 2010

shoes: vote.

okay. so i've narrowed it down to a few shoes i'm really diggin:

via (piperlime)
via (piperlime)

via (piperlime)

via (modcloth)

via (uo)

now. i'm asking you to vote for your favorite one in the comments. please! i need to order them ASAP for my fitting next week. thanks for your help!
(keep in mind my wedding is here and is a vintage/mismatched/DIY celebration)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


need to make these. all of them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shoes: stress.

my dress fitting is a week from saturday
i need my shoes
i have something feminine and pretty which i recently found that i just LOVE to wear under my dress (a little treat for the mr.)
but my feet need some sort of adornment. ASAP
i cannot get my dress hemmed (properly) without the shoes i'm wearing!!!
therefore, dear ladies, i'm asking for your help
please leave links or names of shoes or good places to look for shoes
i don't want to spend a lot and i don't want them to be SUPER wedding-y (coined term)
i'm also open to flats
please HELP!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i am italian
my friend is italian (a dirty italian)
here are the cake treats i made him over the weekend for his bday:

sorry if i'm boring you with cake creations.
right now i'm on a one track mind to graduate (2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
however when i get home i will certainly start sharing more wedding projects!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


i got nothin
except that i DIEDDDD over this today
and this

therefore please enjoy this picture of some treats that i made over christmas:

(my boys-fiance in the middle)
did i ever share with you guys that i LOVE to bake....more specifically i love to decorate baked goodies. i'm hoping i can do it as a career eventually.
i think i'll start cataloging some decorative delights as i go on this crazy wedding journey
just to mix it up a bit.

over the weekend i crafted a leaning tower of pisa cake for my good friend's birthday (obviously a guido brother of mine). i'll have to share it with you all got many stares as i walked the few blocks it took to get from the parking garage to the restaurant in pasadena

i guess it was pretty sweet...more tomorrow

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


currently drooling over these florals:

via (ruffled)

there is a big old pepper tree right in the center of the courtyard where we are getting married
these would look just delightful hanging from them!!!

gahh...why are peonies so gorgeous?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


went on a run this morning with this little gem:

she was stoked. i was not. well, sort of.

i've got dress fittings on the brain, coming up in just 2 1/2 weeks
but i've also been reminded that i will be living in SD this summer
getting ready for the wedding with my mama
and got to thinking: "oh ya, i've got to get into a bathing suit soon."
i took for granted all the summers i had there growing up and want to take
advantage of the fact that i will be living 10 minutes from the beach!!!
considering i will be moving to central oregon soon.

anyway...blah blah blah. all that thinking got me to searching for some cute
bikinis and i found these lovelies:

all from here

are you going to be heading to the beach a lot this summer?
any fun trips planned?
events you are excited about?

1st on the agenda: run a bunch with the pup
2nd: buy one of these beauties...i'm thinking maybe the first one (too cute)

Monday, April 12, 2010


what i would give to live here

have you guys ever been over to the selby?
so much home inspiration.
i can't wait to put a house together with mr. hersh

Thursday, April 8, 2010

baby toes.

came across these little gems today while perusing the etsy world for some vintage shoes of my own:

from (here)

and it made me want to have one of these:

but do not be alarmed. i am certainly not planning on having one anytime soon. i need to get married and hang out with mr. h first, have adventures, be young and married. but seriously...whenever i see adorable baby toys or clothes, i just get so excited for the future. does that ever happen to you??? does a to-die-for baby dress, or cute little bow tie, or baby moccasins get your maternal hopes goin?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


my brain has left the school world.
and entered the next chapter of my life already.
this is bad. very bad.
i still have mountains of homework to complete
(must TCB)

so that i can move into something like
cut my hair like this

and hang out with the mr. like this

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


thinking about investing in one of these

for the photobooth i want to make and employ for the guestbook entries

because although i already have one of these

the film is far less expensive and you still get phenomenal, dreamy photos like this


Monday, April 5, 2010

my veil.

this is my veil. from here
i could NOT wait to receive it in the mail
it has a lace applique fascinator (below)
and a detach birdcage veil

ooooooo NEED to go do a wedding hair test with it ASAP
p.s. first dress fitting in 3 weeks! yikes!!!

i hope you like it
especially you mr.

Friday, April 2, 2010

bridal shower: three.

though its almost a week later. i have plenty of things i get to take with me following this spectacular day

so many beautiful gifts (thank you ladies!!)
a book of advice, recipes, words of beauty, etc.

and ALL of these pom poms...
i hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!


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