Monday, May 30, 2011

life lately.

flew to annapolis, maryland last week.
watched my little brother-in-law graduate from the academy
lots of fun-filled days with family
flew back yesterday
sick (trying to recover from all the time change/weather change)
drove to bend from portland this morning
picked up our girls
packing/cleaning/preparing to
begin our move south tomorrow.
i swear i might go crazy with all that we are doing.

naval academy graduation

our new place in c-bad.

i just want to get there. the next week is going to be nuts so i will likely not be posting until the following week.
you are all wonderful and i'll miss you terribly!
until next week then-when i'll have updates on our move and pictures of our new place ;)

happy monday/memorial day

Monday, May 23, 2011

monday delights.

good morning! had a crazy weekend getting ready for the move and working. we had a HUGE garage sale with our friends, drank mimosas and got some sun (finally!)
what did you all do? anything fun? 

here are a few things that brightened my monday morning!:

i found out our wedding is now in tec's portfolio on his website ;)
i was really excited, needless to say. 

a few more pretty things:

speaking of tecpetaja, beautiful beautiful wedding (and photos)

pretty feather and chevron earrings:

all found on (etsy)

crazy for cameos:

 again (etsy)

ohhhh emersonmade
wouldn't these make the prettiest bridesmaids gifts?

all via (emersonmade)

happy monday beauties ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

southern california engagement shoot giveaway!

good morning! instead of doing a wedding photo this week i thought i'd share this AMAZING giveaway my good friend Brent Van Auken is doing.

brent is an awesome wedding/engagement/lifestyle photographer who just re-located with his beautiful wife to southern california. because of his re-location he is looking to make some new friends and new clients!

he is offering a FREE engagement shoot to one couple in each of these socal counties: san diego, orange county and los angeles county. in order to enter you must be engaged (duh) a new client and email him telling him your location and love story ;)

brent did our engagement photos which were on rocknrollbride! and he's also had wedding's featured on ruffled, green wedding shoes, inspired by this, sandiegoweddings, and the bride's cafe. here are some samples of his work for you to check out and get your email in to him ASAP if you are interested!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

monday delights.

happy day. hope your week has started off well!
here are some lovely delights for this monday:

i love me some gorgeous san diego affairs:

 via (SMP)

cutest tattoo idea: 
(ps-did you know that i have a couple of those? shh)

 thanks ashley-via (pinterest)

whether for the home or used for a wedding-i'm dying to get some of these:

 via (designsponge)

this incredibly fun engagement shoot has me so ready for summer:

via (oncewed)

love love love this escort card idea:

 via (ruffledblog)

handsome groomsmen/charming menswear:

ps-i'm going to be guest posting in july over at loveandlavender and sharing a bit more about our wedding! i am beside myself ;)-keep a look out for the post 

last but not least, babies on the brain again-
i seriously cannot get enough of this picture

via (pinterest)

also be sure to keep checking elizabethannedesigns this week for the top 10!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wedding photo wednesday.

completely in love with this outdoor austin wedding found here
airstreams, beautiful curtained entrance for the bride to come through down the aisle
its lovely and charming in every way.

Monday, May 9, 2011


first of all, serious apologies are in order for my total neglect of this blog lately
i've been a little distracted because...

we are moving back to san diego at the end of the month!!!

for the last few months noah and i have been debating moving back to that area for many reasons:
our family
building our own family
the weather difference
my business was a big one
the list goes on.

bend has been so incredible to us and given us a lot of perspective on where we come from
we've gained new appreciation for it and are now DYING to go back
i don't think we'd expected to be this homesick but i can't wait to chronicle the next chapter of our married adventures back in carlsbad, ca!!
 shot from our drive up to oregon on the 5
me and zoey when we first crossed into oregon back in august

moving is always crazy so if my posting continues to slack, again, apologies! 
i'll try to keep up on it more and catalog stories of our big move as we get ready
happy day to you!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

monday delights: wedding dresses.

even though i've been married for going on 9 months now, i still can't help but look around the web at some of the incredible wedding dresses out there. 
vintage dresses, ethereal/dreamy dresses, incredible ball gowns and amazing up-and-coming dress designers.
here are some favorites i've found:

if i could do it all over again, i'd probably wear a dress just like audrey's in funny face

vintage/vintage inspired dresses: the best thing about vintage dresses is that most of them are SO cheap or completely reasonable compared to most wedding dresses. but you have to be checking around all of the time because they can go pretty quick!
some of my favorite resources- poshgirlvintage, vintageous, etsy

ethereal/dreamy gowns:
claire la faye kills this every time-so so beautiful
and we are SO grateful to her for loaning us her gorgeous "pockets full of posies"gown for our shoot.

another dream gown found on etsy- the shop is called ouma

i hope these pretty dresses helped to cure your monday blues!


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