Monday, May 23, 2011

monday delights.

good morning! had a crazy weekend getting ready for the move and working. we had a HUGE garage sale with our friends, drank mimosas and got some sun (finally!)
what did you all do? anything fun? 

here are a few things that brightened my monday morning!:

i found out our wedding is now in tec's portfolio on his website ;)
i was really excited, needless to say. 

a few more pretty things:

speaking of tecpetaja, beautiful beautiful wedding (and photos)

pretty feather and chevron earrings:

all found on (etsy)

crazy for cameos:

 again (etsy)

ohhhh emersonmade
wouldn't these make the prettiest bridesmaids gifts?

all via (emersonmade)

happy monday beauties ;)


  1. yay rach!!! did i call it or what.. you little model couple.

    love those chevron earrings.

  2. what gorgeous jewelery! nice finds! also, congrats on being featured on your photographers' site! you should be since your wedding was so beautiful!!!

  3. amazing photos, thats why i have to follow you!

  4. Love these photos and love the jewelry! Beautiful!



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