Friday, April 22, 2011



it feels like they're everywhere. like here, here and here.
they are all over facebook. tons of people who got married shortly before or after we did who are already expecting.
sometimes i get a little baby crazy due to the adorableness everywhere!

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noah and i had spoken a lot about the subject when we first got married. seeing as we'd already been together for 4 years, i thought we should just start right away.
these were some tough conversations. my whole life my biggest goal has always been to be a mama. i've always loved children and just felt so natural around them, taking care of them.
i was feeling really anxious. then i realized noah was right, we are still really young with a lot more adventuring to do before bringing a little one into the world.
we've never really travelled together, except to NY, once.
and we had much more to see and experience before making a tiny one. (i call babies "tiny(s)" a lot)
anyway, we talked it over and decided to sit down and discuss/write out the goals we wanted to achieve before trying. instead of putting a time frame on it, making this list really seemed to take an enormous amount of pressure and anxiety off of both of us.

has anyone else experienced baby fever lately???
have you had any discussions like this?

i am so so happy for all of those out there experiencing parenthood for the first time right now
and i know when the time is right, noah and i will both know it and be ready

hope you have a lovely friday and weekend! we're finally getting some sunshine here.


  1. I have baby fever...but it's a little different for me than it is for you :-)

    Babies are the most incredible gift, but they are also the biggest challenge (apart from losing someone you love) in my opinion. Just make sure you both feel like the time is right and you both are prepared for your entire lives to change.

    You'll be an amazing mama one day.

  2. I believe 2012 will be the year of the baby!

  3. My baby fever comes and goes. I love THE IDEA of having a little one, and we want kids in the future, but my husband and I want time for ourselves first. We're only 6 months into our marriage. We have time (I'm 27; he's 36). We're in no rush. Like you, I've noticed lots of baby-making going on, and it's all so sweet and exciting, but there's the reality of it all that I'm not quite ready for... especially financially, i.e. We'll give it time - three or four years? - before bringing Baby into the world. xo.

  4. This post totally speaks to me! I feel like babies are EVERYWHERE. I feel like every day a new favorite blogger of mine is announcing they are pregnant! And I catch myself thinking that I want to start trying NOW. But then I realize that we've got all the time in the world to have a little one of our own, and once he/she comes along, it will never be just us two again. So we're really trying to embrace this time. And we just talked about making a similar list! I hope you share yours with us as I need a little inspiration! Also, Ashlee Gadd did this, and I love her list!

  5. ev calls it getting 'clucky' whenever i get baby fever. but its hard not to cos most of his friends in his hometown have children! even his sister (who is a year older than me!) has just had her second child!

    but in the vein of traveling...yous should come visit me & ev in australiaaaa!! i'm being dead serious. tix around christmas time are cheap (i've found as low as $750 for round trip!)

  6. I definitely have episodes of baby fever! Several of my friends have new babies and that makes me want one! Holidays ALWAYS make me want a baby! We aren't quite ready yet, either...but hopefully soon! Why are babies just so gosh dang cute??

  7. That's so funny as I was just talking about it with my bf last night. Yes, bf not husband- hehee. We've been together for so long and we're not getting any younger, nor do we have marriage plans on the forefront of our minds (SO complicated-ha) that I kinda want to skip ahead:)

  8. you will know when you're ready. if you want to have adventures, definitely have tons of those first! also, everyone I know is pregnant now too. something about spring?

  9. I am so feeling the baby fever. LOVE them! But, my guy (we've been together for 6 years) and I are still much the same as you guys. We're young, we're just about finished studying and we want to travel to places in the near future that just wouldn't work if we had a little one in our arms. x

  10. What a lovely post. really! I will be married in about 4 1/2 months, so this is something we will start to discuss aswell. I agree that we are young, and I would love to enjoy some years with my new husband before starting a family. My parents did that and they have an amazing marriage. and now that they are empty nesters it's like they are on their honeymoon all over again, and I love that! also, I don't think a time frame can be put on something like having a child. when it happens it happens and when it does you will be ready and you will continue to have adventures with your husband and your new family!



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