Tuesday, April 5, 2011


okay. so lately i've realized something.
i am not the best at sharing things about my husband and i, our two pups and our life-after-wedding  here.
therefore i'm going to try and start doing more of that (good idea, bad idea??)

to start, i want to share with you all a bit more about mr. hershman, my other half:



(the dogs-love this one)

(our cute little craftsman house)


he loves music.

his friends.

his family.
our two crazy dogs, zoey and talulah.
and last but not least, food.

he is a cook/chef. a really really good one.
he went to school for youth ministry but ended up cooking his way through it. he soon figured out it was his passion and now we hope to own our own little deli/cafe one day together.
he works here and here where we live in bend, or.
arguably two of the best places to eat in town.
i'm really proud of him and how passionate he is about food, cooking and the joy and love found in doing it.
he recently started a food blog! it's actually brand new, but i'd love for you all to check it out here.

have a beautiful tuesday!


  1. Aww you guys are awesome! Loving the idea of sharing more of your world xo

  2. how exciting! I definitely want to check out his blog, you two are so cool and talented!

  3. good idea! you two are too adorable!



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