Monday, April 25, 2011

monday delights: inspiration.

this monday for me is all about getting inspired for the weddings i'm working on right now.
i've spent most of my morning looking at photos from my brides, jotting down ideas and working on their big days. 
perhaps my inspirations will help get you through this monday!

more floral inspiration for my colorado bride:

her invite inspiration:

hoping to use some of Found rentals for my LA bride:
have you seen their stuff yet, its to-die-for

 fantastic mr. fox accents/inspiration for my LA bride:

inspiration is probably the best part about creating beautiful days for amazing people. its what makes their wedding truly them.
happy monday!

ps (i saved most of these photos without knowing the sources, if you see something on here that you know the source to, please email me and let me know!)


  1. oh man! i hate to be this person BUT do i have to get married all over again so i can take advantage of all the amazing new resources that didn't exist even 2 years ago? lucky brides! xog

  2. fantastic wedding inspiration?! so rad!!!

  3. we're using a riddler for one of my brides too!

  4. Oh this post made me smile!! The flowers at the top are from my wedding! I LOVED how they turned out! I'm guessing you saw them over on Elizabeth Anne Designs :)



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