Monday, April 4, 2011

monday delights.

happy happy day to all of you beauties!!

this week is especially exciting because for me because the inspired creations contest via elizabeth anne designs and the sweetest occasion has kicked off!
contest entry shoots are being posted and i can't wait for all of your to see ours. (eek!!) keep an eye out for it sometime this week or next ;)

here are some more delightful things to start off your week:

i would dance down these stairs everyday. how could you not?
ps love this girl's awesome style/posts

 i cannot get enough of the FABULOUS cakes i've been seeing lately!!

check out these amazing family crest invites from poshpaperie
what's even better, these are my friend kaitlyn's invites for her upcoming wedding. to-die-for.
also check out her blog. this girl's got some serious style.

hope your day is lovely and don't forget to be looking out for me and deb's shoot!!! 


  1. You are so sweet, made my MONDAY :) Been assembling these babies all weekend with the help of the Kurn women :) Wait til' you see the finished product (I'm kind of in love)... will post pics SOONish.

  2. Wow, that pink cake is gorgeous!

  3. first of all, that pink cake makes me want to get married all over again. it's beyond perfect. second, you are just the sweetest girl ever. <3
    thank you so much!



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