Monday, January 31, 2011

business cards: part deux.

so i took your advice and decided to go ahead with my idea of adding fabric/lace/ribbon
to my business cards by hand-stitching them.
not only do i love the additions and the statement it makes about the type of planner i am (again thank you for the advice and encouragement!) but i surprisingly like how the back turned out with the stitching being really prominent.

these are some of the first few i've done.

ps. i am still over the moon about yesterday! if you are new to this blog because of SMP, welcome and i am so happy to have you! and to the rest of you thank you thank you for all of your lovin' on SMP and right here on laceandlikes! check out BridalHood today for another feature on our wedding ;-)
on the agenda for tomorrow- wedding details and photos (ofcourse) for another edition of wedding photo wednesday!

best monday ever: stylemepretty.

has anyone seen stylemepretty today??? ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

our wedding is being featured and i am BEYOND ecstatic. they are also sharing our wedding video too!! a huge thanks to tec petaja and sweetemiliajane as well as canavp

go check it out, they have a full wedding gallery of our day so there's a ton of pictures that i haven't even shared with you on here yet!!!

happy happy monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

home office.

have i told you about our new house yet?? oh man.
its this 100 year old craftsman with all kinds of beautiful built-ins and wood floors.
we are so so excited to move in in just a few weeks!
in anticipation we have been hunting around town at thrift stores, good will, antique shops and junkyards for cool furniture and random things to make our house a home.

particularly, i've been looking for things to put together my dream space for laceandlikes central. (aka my office)

here are some inspiration photos:

i want to somehow build a tent around my office so i can be like the little girls in the holiday
absolute dream space. look at that ribbon spool!!!

now for the things i've collected so far for my space:
my office chair!!! ($40 at a consignment furniture store)
my file cabinet to store all my different paper/craft materials ($12 at goodwill!)

i can't wait to share photos with all of you when i'm all done!
what does your home office look like? or your dream one?
happy tuesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

birthday girl.

that's me today. my 22nd year is behind me. hello 23.

Friday, January 21, 2011

wedding photo/venue friday?

wedding photo (which should have gone up wednesday) as promised.
i LOVE this one because we're both so happy.

via (tecpetaja)

via (benblood)

remember hollin and eric's amazing wedding on oncewed??
well they also happened to have arguably one of the most incredible/unique venues of the entire pacific northwest.
not only is treehouse point absolutely gorgeous, they have extensive catering options that use local/organic products and create menus based on seasonal products.

their price is also incredible considering it includes a tent, coordinator, rehearsal time, parking attendants, lodging for some of your guests or wedding party in their tree-houses and most of the rentals you would need, sound-system, unlimited firewood for their firepits, tear down and clean up. the list goes on and on.

lets just say the price includes everything but your photographer, caterer, florals etc. but comes with all of the essentials.

location: issaquah, washington (22 miles from seattle)
price range: $5000-$7000
capacity: 100
contact: russell 206-715-7477 or

have a lovely weekend! we'll be packing and getting ready for our move. i'm so excited because i'm going to transform our new basement into my office/crafting space and i can't wait to share it with you all!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


via (here)
is all i want to be doing today. i'm completely exhausted and still have packing to do.
oh, we are moving by the way...down the street. but still.

i'm sorry i had no wedding photo yesterday, and no venue today but my brain is tired.
i promise you a killer venue and wedding photo tomorrow though!

ps-question: where would you like me to look for some venues? any place in particular you are looking or are interested in??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mismatched china.

remember how i collected over two hundred mismatched dinner plates?
did you also know that i collected over two hundred dessert//bread plates
and about two hundred mismatched forks and knives?

well i've been getting a few emails lately about if they are available for rental and i wanted you all to know that they absolutely are. if you or anyone you know is interested feel free to email me at!

all via (tecpetaja)

Friday, January 14, 2011

bonus saturday post: business cards.

apologies! this would/should have been posted yesterday but i have been working my day job like a mad woman. ps i kind of like the idea that i moonlight as a wedding designer ;-) business cards are done and ready for me to start handing out and i am absolutely ecstatic! i wanted to share them with you. i hope with all hopes that you are having a lovely MLK weekend. don't forget to celebrate the incredible man who changed civil rights.

what do you think?
i was thinking about adding my own bits and pieces of fabric or ribbon by hand-stitching them on, but i can't seem to decide. thoughts?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

thursday venues: california

i thought it would be appropriate to head back to my california roots for this next
edition of thursday venues!

The Marston House is a gorgeous craftsman style mansion built in the early 1900s. It is now a historic part of Balboa Park. It has totally enchanting rose gardens and a lovely vintage charm. Like my venue, it is a totally affordable hidden gem in SD county!!!

location: San Diego, CA
price range: $1000-$2000 site fee
capacity: up to 200 (depending on which location you choose)
contact: (619)-297-9327

happy thursday! tomorrow i have something i'm really excited to share with all of you!!!!

wedding photo wednesday.

i love the photos tec got of noah's tattoos at the wedding
they mean so much to both of us and i realized that i never really highlighted them here.

noah's full sleeve is sort of an homage to our entire wedding and us.
the windmill represents our venue since there were two on the property
he has an incredible peacock feather on his forearm (because of the gorgeous peacocks that were everywhere!)
the gypsy on his shoulder is supposed to be me (*blush*)
and the anchor tattoo in the second photo he got with all of his groomsmen on his bachelor party day!

anyway. i love them and felt they needed to be shared. what are your thoughts about tattooed brides and grooms???

happy wednesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

monday delights 7.

happy monday beauties. hope these fashionistas, gorgeous weddings, hanging garden and totally adorable video help brighten your day!

seriously crazy about this idea!!! it would be so incredible at a wedding.

via (cup of jo)

such beautiful colors in this san francisco wedding

via (ruffled)

obviously gorgeous photography at this eco-friendly wedding

i NEED both of these outfits right now.

this video make me want a little girl right now so that she can sing with us. oh man. the cuteness. its too much.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

thursday venues.

new weekly posting!!!

what can i say about venues? well, they are perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle of forming your wedding day.
you have to find one before you can book photography, catering, florals etc. because you need a date to do all of those extra things that really bring it all together.

in the business of wedding planning, crafting, design, it is my job to have some KILLER venues in my line up.
not just in my hometown of SD where i already have a collection just from my own personal search, but all over the country and even the world (insert wild ambition here)

that is to say that i am on a hunt. i'm going to start adding to my repertoire of venues and i'm going to share my findings with all of you in hopes that it may lead you to the perfect venue.
i'll be including price ranges, facts and any other pluses i feel like you should know.

originally built in 1884 as a german opera house this venue has so many gorgeous original features including exposed brick, high wood-vaulted ceilings, crown moulding and gorgeous wood floors.
vintage inspired or classic weddings would work so well here

location: denver, CO
price range: $1000-$2000 for the site fee
capacity: up to 300!!
contact #: (303)-556-2755

happy thursday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


really, i am alive.
i'm so so sorry for the serious lack of posting.
here is a wedding photo on this wedding photo wednesday to prove it

this one has so much emotion. it was taken by our amazing photographer when we were watching this.

anyway. there are some REALLY exciting things in the works/behind the scenes. i'm hoping to be able to share all of it very soon. and i promise to get back to regular posting asap.
does anyone else feel like life gets a bit out of order around the holidays??? goodness!


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