Tuesday, January 25, 2011

home office.

have i told you about our new house yet?? oh man.
its this 100 year old craftsman with all kinds of beautiful built-ins and wood floors.
we are so so excited to move in in just a few weeks!
in anticipation we have been hunting around town at thrift stores, good will, antique shops and junkyards for cool furniture and random things to make our house a home.

particularly, i've been looking for things to put together my dream space for laceandlikes central. (aka my office)

here are some inspiration photos:

i want to somehow build a tent around my office so i can be like the little girls in the holiday
absolute dream space. look at that ribbon spool!!!

now for the things i've collected so far for my space:
my office chair!!! ($40 at a consignment furniture store)
my file cabinet to store all my different paper/craft materials ($12 at goodwill!)

i can't wait to share photos with all of you when i'm all done!
what does your home office look like? or your dream one?
happy tuesday!


  1. please post pics when you make a tent!!!

  2. Oh gosh, we're house hunting right now and it's SO damn hard. We're in this little town of 4,000 people and everyone has these old houses with that awful multi-brown colored carpet. Housing hunting hell. BUT, when we do finally find one and I'm working on creating my home office, I'll totally be trying to find some antique furniture and probably stealing all your stellar ideas.

    Having a home is wonderful isn't it? You only realize how hard it is to be in limbo when you don't have one!

  3. Fun stuff...love vintage so its perfect!
    xxxx Emily from EL Vintage

  4. Congrats on the house, sweetie. That is so exciting!!!
    The chair looks so amazing and I cant wait to see more photos:) Happy Monday, darling

  5. your wedding pictures are simply over the top gorgeous. Love the art shown off with the short sleeves.

    I'm with you, in that I love making things. Loved the buttons in the frame on the wedding table. dying to know if there is a story to go along with.

    I remember buying an old ladies dress at the Salvation army thrift shop, a very long time ago. I loved the lace collar, The dress didn't fit, but so what!

    And now I am well on my way to being an old lady.. and made an old lady dress for my cat, he schleps around the house in it when I have him out it on.

    Any way back to your creative self. Oh what fun we could get into at the thrift shops with my son and his fiancee. But we are on opposite sides of the country..Wait...didn't I say enough about me? LOL

    Wishing you and your darling husband all the happiness ( and all the "good flea market finds"

  6. Inspiration – it’s really great to see that you can achieve so much (because your photos are consistently good) in a relatively straightforward way. Great links, too



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