Monday, January 31, 2011

business cards: part deux.

so i took your advice and decided to go ahead with my idea of adding fabric/lace/ribbon
to my business cards by hand-stitching them.
not only do i love the additions and the statement it makes about the type of planner i am (again thank you for the advice and encouragement!) but i surprisingly like how the back turned out with the stitching being really prominent.

these are some of the first few i've done.

ps. i am still over the moon about yesterday! if you are new to this blog because of SMP, welcome and i am so happy to have you! and to the rest of you thank you thank you for all of your lovin' on SMP and right here on laceandlikes! check out BridalHood today for another feature on our wedding ;-)
on the agenda for tomorrow- wedding details and photos (ofcourse) for another edition of wedding photo wednesday!


  1. Love the new cards and I am a new follower thanks to SMP! Love your blog so far :)

  2. You could also save yourself time and just run 3 horizontal lines of stitch across the card w/ a sewing machine instead of having to hand sew!

  3. good idea KT! i guess i got a little too ambitious.

  4. I am new to this blog via Style Me Pretty, and i am so glad I found you! I have already began to dig back through previous posts :) Oh, and I LOVE the business cards. Very different. Plus i love hand stitching. I have just finished a quilt set that I handstiched/made for my god-daughter. Have a look at it here: xo

  5. these are fabulous and so creative! perfect!

  6. Business cards are a valuable tool in this society. they working as a your business partner.



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