Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bridal shower: two.

the food probably took up the majority of the prep time.
alex and i were baking all day friday
and my mama spent the whole morning making sandwiches and salads
but everything was quite tasty if i do say so myself
we also had strawberry cucumber water and fresh homemade lemonade (made by alexandria)
on each of the tables. yumm.

tea. red velvet cupcakes. homemade cinnamon swirl coffee cake.
we also had banana bread (soooo good) and the most adorable powdered sugar tea cookies you've ever seen
main course: 3 kinds of tea sandwiches
chicken salad with apples on country white, egg salad on shepherd's and cucumber mint sandwiches on wheat
we also had a gingham salad, a recipe from our awesome neighbor across the street
not to mention tons of cheese and crackers
and ham and provolone roll-ups
oh the toilet paper wedding dress game. so fun.
the "brides"
yes that is a pom pom on my mother-in-law's head
another shot. the short dress 2nd from the left was the winner
it also had a flower poof in back with a train.
we also played the "who knows the bride best" game
a necklace game somewhat like the one played at baby showers but using the names of the myself and my fiance, "ring" and "wedding" as the words that had to be avoided
and a game involving a poem
thanks to miss whitney (my other maid of honor)
for putting together all of the games!!!
toilet paper, and tea sandwiches, and pastries oh my!

Monday, March 29, 2010

bridal shower: one.

the bridal shower was a success.
although my maids, mother, mother-in-law and i may have lost some sleep
it all came together quite wonderfully
and it wouldn't have without all of their help, patience and hard work
thank you thank you thank you

it was a GORGEOUS day out (which i was nervous about)
i have so many photos i'm going to have to break it up into a few days of posting

first: the decorations
i don't know how many of you out there enjoy bubbly wine but in our house we LOVE lambrusco from trader joes
we drink it-often.
one of my maids of honor came up with a great idea for re-use of the bottles
we filled them with baby's breath and created a pathway through the backyard to the shower
thank goodness for all the rain lately: it was so green!
pom poms were everywhere...we had been working on them all week
i woke up at 6 am the morning of and arranged all of the flowers in the various vintage vessels (alliteration) i've been collecting.
see, everywherrre
along with using several of my pieces for the flowers, i got to use a lot of the mismatched china i've been collecting as well.

next up for tomorrow: food/games

Friday, March 26, 2010

shower preparations.

okay. so
here are all of the things i've been working on
which are responsible for my poor blogging habits.
my shower is TOMORROW!!!
and i'm so so excited.
the projects have been my favorite part of it all
here are a few:

favors (wildflower seeds from here)
sooo many pom poms
thank goodness for all of the maids who have been over this week helping me make them
not to mention my beautiful mother in law
and these are a few bunches of flowers i picked up today
to do all of the arrangements
did you know that vons and even albertsons sell "market bunches"
at albertsons they come in 3's for $12
if you are doing your own flowers for a wedding or any event..i would certainly
recommend heading to the grocery stores
not to mention trader joes and their phenomenal flower section

until monday beauties.
and then i will have plenty pictures of it all come together to share with you
wish me luck! (i'm slightly nervous)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


so sorry my blogging has been non-existent for the last week
(ugh) has it been that long?
must process.

okay. anyway. it's been a crazy week leading up to spring break what with
finishing up assignments and projects for the shower but i promise
you many goodies tomorrow
including many shower delights i've been working on
and of course photos of the actual event!!! (after it is over, of course)

i'm so exciteddddd

on the agenda for tomorrow:
-turn in paper
-pick up a few last minute groceries
-buy flowers for arrangements (apparently i've discovered, vons and albertsons have a phenomenal supply of "market" bunches that they sell at 3 for 12$
-make more pom poms
-bake, bake, bake!!!!
-post projects

miss you beauties.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

goodbye: at least for a few days

so. the week after next is my spring break
i am SWAMPED with assignments to complete
not to mention projects for my upcoming bridal shower next weekend
AHHH. going crazyyy

this is what is due:

-senior sem paper-completed draft
-senior sem-presentation of thesis/paper
-college algebra- paper
-approaches to grammar- final draft of paper
-world history- book report

therefore...i am sad to say i am putting myself on a blogging/facebooking hiatus
for a few days in order to try and complete everything that is due next week
by this weekend so i can focus on the projects for the shower.
ughhh. wish me luck.

i'll leave you with some more swap meet finds from the past weekend

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

swap meet delights/ebay finds

found these gems on ebay/bonanzle this week as well as at the swap meet this last sunday:

tea tins/silver goblets to use for florals

bucket for florals/washer

i could go to thrift stores/swap meets all day everyday.
it's like disneyland for adults.
happy place.

find any special delights for weddings or perhaps to decorate your house lately?

Monday, March 15, 2010


a few of my maidens and i went out to the rosebowl swap meet.
it was de-lish
sooooo many things. everywhere. that is the best way i can describe it.
a few of them found dresses:

one of them...not pictured is green and amazing.
it will be worn by one of my maids of honor (yes i have two)

the best part about all of the dresses:
1. we were able to find ones for each of them that fit like a glove
2. the most expensive of the bunch was $15

4 down: 4 to go

Friday, March 12, 2010


so. i figured. as i've been working on my pom poms
that i would make my own little tutorial ;-)
i found a great one here
but. the one difference is that i did mine without floral wire

perhaps this will help other brides out there make some killer pom poms:

what you'll need:
-lots and lots of tissue paper (various colors)
-fishing line

1. take 8 or so sheets of tissue paper and pile them on top of one another
(depending on how large they are, you might consider cutting them in half to make smaller poms)

2. fold the layers accordion-style

3. cut the end of each side into a triangle or rounded shape
(this part was rather hard with so many layers of tissue might be a good idea to use kitchen shears or an exacto knife)

4. after tying a fairly tight knot around the middle of the layers of tissue, flip the layers face up

5. finally, begin to pull out each layer from the center
(be careful not to pull too hard and rip the tissue paper)

i hope this helps you all!
p.s. the floral wire isn't really a necessity...the fishing line worked great!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


just obsessed with her bouquet right now
and the font on the programs
ooh la la

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


midterm today. wish me luck!
it's grammar...ugh. are some of the "as it was happening" engagement photos promised
i'll even share the one with my facial mask on. oh yes.

will you?
probably something like: "are you kidding me, I have a facial mask on right now!"
ring shot
so happy! (at this point i had washed the mask off)
so there they are. recently found on my roommates computer.
the fact that it was so unexpected (obviously, i had a white mask on my face and was in my comfy clothes about to study for a test) was so perfect.
i wouldn't have had it any other way...

ps. if you haven't been over to 100layercake today, you MUST! eunice and daniel's wedding is too phenomenal to pass up! so whimsical.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


sorry for not posting yesterday! it was crazzzyyy school wise. i am trying to be more religious
about posting every day each week.

anyway...i just recently uploaded a bunch of old photos from my digital camera that had been
sitting on there since i got a new laptop and they threw me back
since i don't get to see noah very much because we are both so busy i often just look through my pictures of us...or facebook stalk of the two (haha)
do you all ever facebook stalk your men?
maybe i'm weird. oh well. i just love him to death and he's pretty to look at
i thought a couple of these photos were especially amusing considering how young we look/were and how far we've come
check em out:

one of the first pictures we ever took together.


and now to this...
our impromptu engagement photos done by one of my maids of honor

i don't know if i ever told the story on here...but when he proposed i had a facial mask on (obviously for the photos i washed it off) maybe i'll get some of those on here for you!

have a beautiful tuesday!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

weekend checklist.

this weekend is much needed but is going to be anything but relaxing
weekends are my getting stuff done time
first on the list:
just bought 20+ packs of these at the 99cent store

to make a whole mess of these for the bridal shower/wedding

also need to:
-finish research paper due monday
-figure out bridal shower gift for guests
-hit up t-joe's for some tasty treats
-finish term paper proposal
-study study study for my grammar midterm (ughhhh)
-work, twice
-hang out with the fianceeee!!!

here we go...until monday beauties!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

bridal shower.

next up on the agenda: the bridal shower

plan---pom poms (so many), tea/kitchen tins, big bloom flowers, scones, tea, champagne, baked brie, finger sandwiches, glee.

i think i'm going to go to paper source and make some of these:

these are the invites! water-colored pom poms painted by my beautiful roomie/maid of honor alex. so excited about them!

i will be working on these for the next few weeks:
going to do the florals myself--this is the inspiration:

at first i was stressed about pulling this off so soon. now i'm just looking forward to all these fun projects. and the pom poms and tins can be used again at the wedding!
so excited.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hankies (explanation)

perhaps i should explain the hankies...
i was considering keeping it a surprise. at least for the guests.
but i'm sure it will be more special when they actual receive them. anyway...

i am going to use them for the invite suite! originally i had thought of screen-printing
them for the save the date...but then i thought (although that's a great idea!) that if
guests got that as the save the date, they would probably expect an entire quilt or something
for the invitation.

so then, i decided i'd just use them for the invites. so i found an AMAZING lot on ebay of over a hundred a while back (as a result i've become an ebay addict) and am currently working on the format and font for them with Haley.

I am SO excited about them.

inspiration time:

(the above is a picture from my actual ebay lot)
holly and billy...oh man.
via (oncewed)


some photos of the hankies and just a few of the plates i've collected so far...

little blue

yellow roses
little greeny w/roses


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