Friday, March 26, 2010

shower preparations.

okay. so
here are all of the things i've been working on
which are responsible for my poor blogging habits.
my shower is TOMORROW!!!
and i'm so so excited.
the projects have been my favorite part of it all
here are a few:

favors (wildflower seeds from here)
sooo many pom poms
thank goodness for all of the maids who have been over this week helping me make them
not to mention my beautiful mother in law
and these are a few bunches of flowers i picked up today
to do all of the arrangements
did you know that vons and even albertsons sell "market bunches"
at albertsons they come in 3's for $12
if you are doing your own flowers for a wedding or any event..i would certainly
recommend heading to the grocery stores
not to mention trader joes and their phenomenal flower section

until monday beauties.
and then i will have plenty pictures of it all come together to share with you
wish me luck! (i'm slightly nervous)


  1. the favors!!!!!!! so fitting (and you'll soon see why hehehe <3)

  2. looks great! hope you have (had) a great shower!



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