Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bridal shower: two.

the food probably took up the majority of the prep time.
alex and i were baking all day friday
and my mama spent the whole morning making sandwiches and salads
but everything was quite tasty if i do say so myself
we also had strawberry cucumber water and fresh homemade lemonade (made by alexandria)
on each of the tables. yumm.

tea. red velvet cupcakes. homemade cinnamon swirl coffee cake.
we also had banana bread (soooo good) and the most adorable powdered sugar tea cookies you've ever seen
main course: 3 kinds of tea sandwiches
chicken salad with apples on country white, egg salad on shepherd's and cucumber mint sandwiches on wheat
we also had a gingham salad, a recipe from our awesome neighbor across the street
not to mention tons of cheese and crackers
and ham and provolone roll-ups
oh the toilet paper wedding dress game. so fun.
the "brides"
yes that is a pom pom on my mother-in-law's head
another shot. the short dress 2nd from the left was the winner
it also had a flower poof in back with a train.
we also played the "who knows the bride best" game
a necklace game somewhat like the one played at baby showers but using the names of the myself and my fiance, "ring" and "wedding" as the words that had to be avoided
and a game involving a poem
thanks to miss whitney (my other maid of honor)
for putting together all of the games!!!
toilet paper, and tea sandwiches, and pastries oh my!

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  1. we did the toilet paper wedding dresses at my shower too! too funny. that looks like it was such a nice sunny day!



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