Monday, May 9, 2011


first of all, serious apologies are in order for my total neglect of this blog lately
i've been a little distracted because...

we are moving back to san diego at the end of the month!!!

for the last few months noah and i have been debating moving back to that area for many reasons:
our family
building our own family
the weather difference
my business was a big one
the list goes on.

bend has been so incredible to us and given us a lot of perspective on where we come from
we've gained new appreciation for it and are now DYING to go back
i don't think we'd expected to be this homesick but i can't wait to chronicle the next chapter of our married adventures back in carlsbad, ca!!
 shot from our drive up to oregon on the 5
me and zoey when we first crossed into oregon back in august

moving is always crazy so if my posting continues to slack, again, apologies! 
i'll try to keep up on it more and catalog stories of our big move as we get ready
happy day to you!!


  1. congrats & good luck with the move!!

  2. oh wow! good luck m'dear - you do strike me as a sunshine kinda girl :-)

  3. sending good thoughts to you on your move! welcome back to so cal ;) xog

  4. Are you kidding me?! So rad! We are collaborating. For reals.

  5. yay!! i'm happy to hear this. let's have a date when we are in the same region. we can sit over coffee or wine and talk about all of the funny adventures of being young marrieds.

  6. awww soo exciting! San Diego is so beautiful. Thanks for your comment today. So glad you left it because now I found your blog :)



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