Monday, May 30, 2011

life lately.

flew to annapolis, maryland last week.
watched my little brother-in-law graduate from the academy
lots of fun-filled days with family
flew back yesterday
sick (trying to recover from all the time change/weather change)
drove to bend from portland this morning
picked up our girls
packing/cleaning/preparing to
begin our move south tomorrow.
i swear i might go crazy with all that we are doing.

naval academy graduation

our new place in c-bad.

i just want to get there. the next week is going to be nuts so i will likely not be posting until the following week.
you are all wonderful and i'll miss you terribly!
until next week then-when i'll have updates on our move and pictures of our new place ;)

happy monday/memorial day


  1. Love your blog and love when you post about your personal life/what is going on with you and your husband. Have a good move!

  2. Your new place looks awesome! You must be so excited to get in there. Good luck with the dreaded move xo

  3. congrats to your little bro + best of luck with the move!

  4. yayayayyayayaa oh my gosh your house looks so freaking cute! just get here already!!

  5. Your new place looks rad! Good luck with the move! :)



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