Monday, November 8, 2010

monday delights 4.

good morning. ready for some more delights to brighten your monday??
here it goes:

these bouquets are GORGEOUS. not to mention the wedding they came from
this hat makes me want a tiny one to put it on.

will someone please buy me these? they're totally affordable (insert sarcasm here)

i want to live in this room. and that phenomenal wooden record player console-$50 on craigslist.

last but not least, my husband is singing ryan adams songs as the leaves are falling like snow outside. if that isn't delightful...i don't know what is ;-)

happy monday...tomorrow: tales/photos of my wild bachelorette party (long delayed)


  1. copper pans are sooooooo gorgeous. lovely finds!!

  2. Can I live in that room with you? I'm dreaming of finding a great record console to replace our TV stand!

  3. i love that your husband is singing! also, those bouquets are amazing!!!

  4. I just love the blue in that bouquet!!!
    Can´t wait to hear about the bachelorette adventures!

  5. I just found your blog, so cute! I just wanted to say that I completely wanted copper cookware too, but I heard they're a painnn to keep clean! So we settled for boring cookware. I'm not domestic enough to clean them after every couple uses haha!



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