Thursday, November 11, 2010

riley and kimberly:engagement.

these two are too cute for words.
let me introduce you to the bride and groom i am currently working with, riley and kimberly.

they did their engagement shoot in pasadena, ca. and incorporated all of their own props.
these two have awesome style and such creativity. we are working on what is sure to be a phenomenal DIY wedding for next fall in colorado. can't wait to show you all how this one turns out!

have a lovely holiday weekend. see you on monday!


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! These photos are so so so beautiful! They are lucky to be working with you. Your work is so wonderful! I wish I had had you to do my wedding, our photographer was awful! The colors are so vivid and beautiful, of course it doesnt hurt to have such a gorgeous couple to work with!

  2. They DO look amazing creative and enviably styled. And adorable.
    But...the photographs are amazing too

  3. What sweet pictures (and what a cute couple!). I can't wait to see how the wedding comes out!

  4. ahhhh they're so cute! Bet their wedding will be adorable.

  5. what a sweet duo! nice pics :)

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