Tuesday, March 9, 2010


sorry for not posting yesterday! it was crazzzyyy school wise. i am trying to be more religious
about posting every day each week.

anyway...i just recently uploaded a bunch of old photos from my digital camera that had been
sitting on there since i got a new laptop and they threw me back
since i don't get to see noah very much because we are both so busy i often just look through my pictures of us...or facebook stalk him..one of the two (haha)
do you all ever facebook stalk your men?
maybe i'm weird. oh well. i just love him to death and he's pretty to look at
i thought a couple of these photos were especially amusing considering how young we look/were and how far we've come
check em out:

one of the first pictures we ever took together.


and now to this...
our impromptu engagement photos done by one of my maids of honor

i don't know if i ever told the story on here...but when he proposed i had a facial mask on (obviously for the photos i washed it off) maybe i'll get some of those on here for you!

have a beautiful tuesday!!


  1. awwww... those are so sweet! I love looking at old pictures of the two of us but it is definetly when I stumble upon them too!

  2. wow - your engagement pics are excellent. i like looking at our old dating pictures too...from 5 years ago...my lover used to be skinnnnnny.

  3. thanks so much!! the professional ones are here: http://laceandlikes.blogspot.com/2010/01/engagement.html

  4. ahhh you guys really do look like BABIES in those old ones!

    i wanna see the ones of you with masque on i still haven't seen those!

  5. grrrrl, if this is what you look like, you can rock that veil like nobody's business! it's definitely not for everyone, but you are one major cutie.

  6. I love this, It totally reminds me of my husband and I before and after. Its awesome to be able to grow and see the difference together as a couple.
    Very cute!



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