Friday, March 12, 2010


so. i figured. as i've been working on my pom poms
that i would make my own little tutorial ;-)
i found a great one here
but. the one difference is that i did mine without floral wire

perhaps this will help other brides out there make some killer pom poms:

what you'll need:
-lots and lots of tissue paper (various colors)
-fishing line

1. take 8 or so sheets of tissue paper and pile them on top of one another
(depending on how large they are, you might consider cutting them in half to make smaller poms)

2. fold the layers accordion-style

3. cut the end of each side into a triangle or rounded shape
(this part was rather hard with so many layers of tissue might be a good idea to use kitchen shears or an exacto knife)

4. after tying a fairly tight knot around the middle of the layers of tissue, flip the layers face up

5. finally, begin to pull out each layer from the center
(be careful not to pull too hard and rip the tissue paper)

i hope this helps you all!
p.s. the floral wire isn't really a necessity...the fishing line worked great!


  1. everytime I see these tutorials I think "gosh! it looks so easy!" but do i start making them? noooo.... I need to get on that!

    love the pruple color



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