Thursday, March 25, 2010


so sorry my blogging has been non-existent for the last week
(ugh) has it been that long?
must process.

okay. anyway. it's been a crazy week leading up to spring break what with
finishing up assignments and projects for the shower but i promise
you many goodies tomorrow
including many shower delights i've been working on
and of course photos of the actual event!!! (after it is over, of course)

i'm so exciteddddd

on the agenda for tomorrow:
-turn in paper
-pick up a few last minute groceries
-buy flowers for arrangements (apparently i've discovered, vons and albertsons have a phenomenal supply of "market" bunches that they sell at 3 for 12$
-make more pom poms
-bake, bake, bake!!!!
-post projects

miss you beauties.

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