Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hankies (explanation)

perhaps i should explain the hankies...
i was considering keeping it a surprise. at least for the guests.
but i'm sure it will be more special when they actual receive them. anyway...

i am going to use them for the invite suite! originally i had thought of screen-printing
them for the save the date...but then i thought (although that's a great idea!) that if
guests got that as the save the date, they would probably expect an entire quilt or something
for the invitation.

so then, i decided i'd just use them for the invites. so i found an AMAZING lot on ebay of over a hundred a while back (as a result i've become an ebay addict) and am currently working on the format and font for them with Haley.

I am SO excited about them.

inspiration time:

(the above is a picture from my actual ebay lot)
holly and billy...oh man.
via (oncewed)


  1. please keep us posted! i am geeking out over how cool these will be!!!!

  2. This is TRULY one of the BEST ideas I have EVER heard of!!! Oh so jealous my brain never thought of it :)

    Wow you got GREAT ideas girlie!



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