Thursday, January 6, 2011

thursday venues.

new weekly posting!!!

what can i say about venues? well, they are perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle of forming your wedding day.
you have to find one before you can book photography, catering, florals etc. because you need a date to do all of those extra things that really bring it all together.

in the business of wedding planning, crafting, design, it is my job to have some KILLER venues in my line up.
not just in my hometown of SD where i already have a collection just from my own personal search, but all over the country and even the world (insert wild ambition here)

that is to say that i am on a hunt. i'm going to start adding to my repertoire of venues and i'm going to share my findings with all of you in hopes that it may lead you to the perfect venue.
i'll be including price ranges, facts and any other pluses i feel like you should know.

originally built in 1884 as a german opera house this venue has so many gorgeous original features including exposed brick, high wood-vaulted ceilings, crown moulding and gorgeous wood floors.
vintage inspired or classic weddings would work so well here

location: denver, CO
price range: $1000-$2000 for the site fee
capacity: up to 300!!
contact #: (303)-556-2755

happy thursday!


  1. Oh YAY! i can't wait til you get to Utah, there are about a BILLION venues here, most so very lame and the good one's know they're good and are super expensive... hopefully you'll stumble on one that I've missed!

  2. what a great idea for a posting! I'm sure many brides will thank you for this!

  3. this seriously makes me want to get married all over again, but in colorado. what a beautiful find!!

  4. How much did your venue cost? I looked at the website but can't find any information/contact info. Thank you so much!



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