Thursday, February 3, 2011

wedding photo thursday.

so i know you've probably had enough of our wedding this week.
what with seeing it here, here and here.
but i thought i'd do a wedding photo post to highlight the flowers at our wedding because honestly, they still blow me away. hannah did a bang-up job. i think you'll agree

all via (tec petaja)

tomorrow i'll have a venue to share with you all!
ps. thank you all for the emails and inquiries you've been sending! they are greatly appreciated


  1. rachael you are SO stunning. the wedding looks so good on all of those blogs. congratulations!

    (p.s. i showed a few of my high school small group girls your haircut and now they are all OBSESSED with you. they call you the "gorgeous girl.")

  2. Hi Rachael,
    I found your blog after falling in love with the beauty and sheer loveliness of your wedding photos which are all over the blogs I've been reading daily ever since I got engaged!
    We (me and the hubby to be) loved your wedding video, I even shed a tear! The little boys carrying the banner looked SOOO cute!!!
    Then I saw your blog and all the amazing stuff you have planned for your office and I think I may have a small blog/girl crush!!! Oh and your hubby is pretty cute too!!!
    Ok enough gushing! You just keep posting and I'll keep reading!!!

  3. Found you on SMP (obvi :) and love love loved your wedding girl. Way to go! We are so similar in so many ways too, wheee let's be friends!!! xo

  4. Saw your wedding on, it was so beautiful! And more specifically so were your flowers. The perfect balance of pretty and simple, without going overboard on the girliness scale :) How the hell did you come up with such original style ideas?!

  5. thank you all so much!!! you're encouragement is overwhelming! absolute dolls, all of you!
    so glad you are following and will definitely be checking all of your blog out as well ;)

  6. these pics make me long for spring!



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