Monday, February 21, 2011


my basement office was definitely one of the things i was most anticipating about our new house.
i mean, i know its a basement (ha) but i think i did an okay job of making it feel cozy.
its like a secret crafting lair.
i love it and have spent bunches of time in it since i finished it over the weekend.
here it is!:

thread, ribbon, buttons- the essentials

semi-tenting around desk area

to-do list board

ps on this upcoming thursday i owe you two venues since i missed last weeks.
are there any places you all would like me to be looking specifically????
i hope you are having a wonderful week so far!


  1. OMG! Just yesterday I was working at home, sitting at my desk and thinking...hmmmm....I wonder what it would look like if I made this desk into a tent of some type...and I wonder if I could sell my hubby on it! So glad to see that you've done it! :)

  2. ahh love the tent feel!! i have been wanting to do that to my room for ages...cept i haven't had a room of my own for several months...ahh i love your space! so creatively freeing!

    do you reckon you could find a small venue in charlotte, north carolina? preferably a barn..?

  3. looooove this! come decorate my house?

  4. Loving your use of a window as a to-do board xo

  5. What a PERFECT office space! Seriously!Love that it has a little tented section.

  6. Love love love your blog! Now following you back :) xx

  7. looks great! I love love love the idea of having a crafting 'lair'!



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