Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wintery, yarny tablescape.

i can finally share with all of you the warm, wintery tablescape i did with deb over at BridalHood since it was featured on forgetmeknotweddings last week!

we were inspired by yarn and warm tones and accents.
we used a ton of candlelight and deb has an incredible fireplace in her hood river home
so we included that as well.
our original plan was to do the shoot outside but it was rainy that day so we improvised.
check it out:

one of our DIY projects, the yarn/nail table numbers

we also wrapped bunches of bottles in yarn, you can see how that project was done here

our fancy smores: ginger snaps, dark chocolate, salted caramel, bacon maple and praline marshmellows. you know we ate them all after the shoot!! too good.

this was probably one of my favorite elements. a simple yarn installation hung in front of deb's massive window overlooking her gorgeous backyard. we simply strung one tighter piece from end to end then draped the rest over it. simple, pretty, cozy.

i hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed getting together and doing it! we will be working on another upcoming project together and will be sure to share it with you along the way.


  1. How creative! Never knew yarn could look so pretty as wedding decor material.

  2. the table numbers are great! such a cool idea

  3. LOVE it!!! So awesome. Can you please come down to LA so we can do a styled session together? It would be so. much. FUN.

    You're business is gonna take off lady!!! Can't wait to see it happen for you.



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