Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wedding photo wednesday.

here are a few last favorites of mine

all via (tecpetaja)

ps you can check out a bunch more of our wedding photos on tec's blogpost

so the thing is, i think i can only show you so many of our wedding photos every wednesday before we both get bored.
i'm sure i'll find someway to incorporate them elsewhere every once in a while.
but i had the idea to start sharing wedding photos of other couple's weddings from around the web every wednesday.
hope you are into it:)
i'd also LOVE any submissions or suggestions of weddings to share


  1. Your wedding is my fave. Seriously.

  2. OMG those are such a beautiful photos. I love your dress so much:) Happy Thursday, darling

  3. Where are your great yellow shoes from??? Im getting married in september and I love them!! ps your wedding is also one of my favs your video made me cry I cant wait to marry my fiance and you made it very apparent that you guys were made for eachother and your love for eachother spoke volumes through your video!
    you can email me at :) thanks

  4. Rachel, seu casamento foi o mais emocionante que eu já vi!!! Parabéns, seu vídeo me fez chorar e eu nem falo inglês! Dá para sentir que voces são pessoas especiais, admiro muito voces por todo esse amor...




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