Thursday, April 28, 2011

michigan venue thursday.

lately, i find myself extremely envious of people who live in the northern midwest
solely for the incredible outdoor venues they have.
it's really not fair
wildflowers? barns? i mean, come.on.

this one is definitely up there
found it thanks to my amazing wedding photog-tec


via (tecpetaja)

location: watervliet, michigan
price range: based on guest count


  1. These are some beautiful pictures I love them

    Keep up the great work!

    printable coupons

  2. i don't exactly know where you live but you should really explore, I think in Texas so wildflowers and barns are everywhere, however my sis did live in Oregon and there are plenty there too... I encourage you to find your slice of photography heaven, ask and you shall recieve...let me help you if I can searching is fantastic with more than just one person searching who knows what you will find out there!! Good luck!

  3. i meant to say live, to bad i dind't proof read before i sent that one... sorry

  4. This wedding makes me week in the knees! I'm getting married in MN but in the heart of the city. although getting married in a field/barn setting was a close second!



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