Tuesday, December 21, 2010


there is nothing quite like coming home for christmas.
after 18 hours on the road from oregon and going through all kinds of crazy weather.
we made it last night.
and it feels so good.

i find that family is what really makes it feel like christmas...what do you think?
(aren't these christmas decorations amazing??? they were my grandparents and now they are mine!!!)
(my mom is totally cute and made mr. hersh a stocking that looks just like mine from when i was four years old!)

gosh i seriously love this season so much! what are you doing for christmas????

p.s. my posting may be a lacking a little this next week simply because we are down here with family for the holidays! but hopefully i'll be sharing my project with deb soon! we are so excited about how it turned out ;-)


  1. Love those ornaments!

    Merry Merry Christmas!(I can say that until January, right?) :-)

  2. merry belated christmas! love the stockings



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