Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY: christmas invites!

sorry i've been m.i.a. is anyone else going a little nuts getting ready for the holidays?
not only do i have bunches of presents to finish putting together/wrapping but we are heading south to be with the families in just 5 days!!! yikes. the midst of all of this madness i got to help out with some christmas party invitations for the mister's work.
if you are planning a christmas or new years party they are simple, pretty and festive.
what you'll need:

1. fun christmas fabrics (found at joann's on sale for 1.99/yd)
2. fabric glue
3. card stock
4. yarn
5. a printer
6. paper cutter

the steps are easy:
-pick a font that you like
-print the invites on the card stock
-cut them with the paper cutter
-glue them to the fabric with the fabric glue
and your done!

i was hoping to stitch them with my sewing machine but it malfunctioned. i think it would add a lovely touch if you had the time and a proper sewing machine!

i owe you a wedding photo! i'll have that tomorrow
and soon i'll be sharing photos from the photo shoot deb and i did


  1. A family friend hand-made all her Christmas cards with stitching, such a seriously cute touch!

  2. love the candy cane stripes! I used a similar looking paper for my 2010 mix cds!



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