Monday, April 26, 2010


good tuesday to you beauties.

i have some news to share. FINALLY picked my shoes. (seriously, i am the worst at making decisions). anyway, the winner is:

yes yes. number 3 is the winner. after taking a trip to nordstrom to see if they were available for trying on, and failing, since they only had the leopard-print i decided to consult the most dependable helper in decision making i know: the mom. after she voted a yes for them, along with my maid of honor, and considering all of the votes it got from you gorgeous ladies, i was unable to deny it any longer: they were meant to be.

they go with my vintage theme and i KNOW i will wear them again. we'll see if they last on my feet the whole night, however. (killer heel, but surprisingly comfortable)

anyway, i seriously cannot thank you all enough for your input.

also, i did a little baking date with some blogger friends of mine who enjoy all things cupcake and i thought i would share it with you. (insert cupcake nirvana here)

coming up: i planned/executed another shower, my beautiful roommate paige's. gotta share some of those photos with you. PLUS- my first "real wedding" to post. :-)


  1. Love them - I'm getting ready to post the ones I found tomorrow. I might look around some but love the ones I got too.

  2. can't wait girrl. i'll be checking to see them!

  3. good call on the shoes! they're great

  4. i knew my vote would win. because i'm always right. ;)

  5. You are going to kick ass in those shoes. I can't wait.



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