Thursday, April 8, 2010

baby toes.

came across these little gems today while perusing the etsy world for some vintage shoes of my own:

from (here)

and it made me want to have one of these:

but do not be alarmed. i am certainly not planning on having one anytime soon. i need to get married and hang out with mr. h first, have adventures, be young and married. but seriously...whenever i see adorable baby toys or clothes, i just get so excited for the future. does that ever happen to you??? does a to-die-for baby dress, or cute little bow tie, or baby moccasins get your maternal hopes goin?


  1. Yes, unfortunately. And then I think of all the years I nannied and screaming babies, and remind myself how glad I am that I'm young and free and in love... and that good things are worth waiting for.

  2. oh babies. I love them so much.



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