Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i am going to pursue wedding/event planning/design as a full time career
i know a lot of women want to do or considering pursuing wedding planning after planning their own weddings
but i am CRAZY about it. i love the organization, creativity and whole concept behind it.

here's what i know:
i love weddings/marriage. i love people. i love making things. and i love planning/organization

therefore, i'm going for it.

i am really really excited about this new adventure and luckily, i have a very supportive husband who is right behind me (thank goodness).

i'm in the process of planning one right now! and i can't wait to share with all of you the ideas we come up with, the projects we create and so on
this weekend i'm going to be hand-making some business cards so i'll be showing those to you all soon!

plus, i have some other exciting news coming up that i'll hopefully be able to fill you all in on in the next few weeks

thank you all for cheering me on and encouraging me through my whole wedding planning process. this blog will continue to be full of wedding inspiration, DIY projects and so on. as well as whatever i'm into at the moment and tales of life in oregon.

i am so grateful for ALL of you and your amazing inspiration and encouragement. please, if you know of any friends who need help planning their wedding, i'd love recommendations! just tell them to shoot me an email @

(my prices are EXTREMELY reasonable since i am just starting out) and i'm willing to travel as well. thank you all so much!!!!


  1. fantastic news! i'm so happy for you! can't wait to see the progression of kim's wedding. love you.

  2. how very exciting!!! congrats! and I will definitely keep you in mind for recommendations, your wedding was absolutely flawless from what I can tell :)

  3. p.s. where in Oregon are you living? My husband and I live in NW Portland! :)

  4. we live in bend! yay another oregon friend! you know debbie from bridalhood lives in mt. hood?? i think we should all get together.

    how do you like portland? ps i love your blog and your wedding was GORGEOUS

  5. also, i will employ you someday.

  6. I second that Jamie. So I guess that's two customers, be that in the future! So happy for your new venture! go get em gurl

  7. umm...I already recommended you.

  8. congrats! I know you will do an AMAZING job! I will recommend any new brides to be to you!

  9. thank you all SO SO much for your support! <3

  10. Yes, I would love to have a little blogger get together! Let's do it!

    We LOVE Portland. Love living in the city. So many amazing restaurants, so walkable, so charming. I am pretty much obsessed :)

    How do you like Bend? My husband's family is from there. If you ever see Denfeld Paints, that's part of his clan hehe

  11. Wow! Small world! I live in Eugene :)

    I haven't traveled to Bend yet, but hey it's Oregon... where beauty is everywhere! :):)

    PS. I think you are perfect for a wedding designer! You have amazing talent!



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