Friday, October 29, 2010


oh yes. this is my halloween costume.
before i cut my hair i was planning on being hermoine.
but now that its betcha i'm going to be harry potter
however, i'm planning on making it myself..if i have time. i'll post pictures either way! (it should be hilarious)

have i ever shared with you all that i'm a major harry potter nerd??
along with weddings, and my husband, its one of my favorite things (i know...)
anyway, i am so excited for the movie to come out and that was the original deal breaker for me when it came to halloween costume decisions.
i've already re-read book 7 in anticipation.
i mean, have you seen the trailer??? how can you not be excited?

what are you being for halloween?
any fun plans???

have a happy happy halloween weekend!!!


  1. I'm so glad to have a fellow Harry Potter nerd! I think I spent 95% of the time I watched the trailer with my jaw on the floor, I am so excited. And it's been even more fun since getting my husband addicted. Spreading the disease, as it were. Hope the costume turns out all right; I implore you to post a photo!

  2. you're such a nerd. i can't even deal. <3



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