Sunday, October 17, 2010

monday delights 1.

so i'm starting a new series because i just can't seem to "find" things by every friday
therefore...i'm going to try to brighten up mondays a bit for all of you
by doing monday delights. a series where i share fun things, wedding related or not to try and make your mondays less awful (because we all wish monday was actually funday)-at least i do

beautiful words from one of my dear friends

love this girl's relaxed tomboy-ish outfit

i find katy perry hilarious...anyone else?

i will be sharing some more of this event this week...

(yes that is a pimp cup, and yes it says "bride"..thank you party city)

i will be selling some of these if anyone is interested please email me.

and finally, a lovely lovely wedding

via (josevilla)
love her hair, the dress, the setting, the veil, everything.

happy monday beauties!!!!!


  1. yay for pimp cups on mondays! keep this up! :)

  2. That poem by your friend is beautiful. Her voice is so peaceful. It gave me chills x



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