Monday, October 25, 2010

monday delights 2.

good morning beauties!!!

i hope you had a lovely weekend...hopefully filled with pumpkin carving, or hot chocolate drinking...maybe even prepping your costumes for halloween! halloween is absolutely one of my favorite holidays. what's yours? anyway, with the new week beginning its
time to try and make mondays suck a bit less for you so here it goes:

this guy always brightens my mondays
(ya, that's my husband-the dreamboat)
(via tecpetaja)

speaking of man candy make sure to check out man candy monday
love this man candy and really lovin this blogger

somebody please buy this...its too cute

an adorable wedding for only $5000

this dress kills me. so gorgeous (via stylemepretty)

if you haven't seen this should. it's fascinating.

1 comment:

  1. i love that sweet little necklace. hot air balloons are so enchanting. except a friend of mine went on a ride a couple years ago and it crashed and she broke both her legs!



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