Saturday, October 30, 2010

monday delights 3.

good monday morning to you all!
i hope you had a fun-filled halloween weekend
we had tons of tiny ones come by last night, a princess, a transformer, a spider man. some scary some not. we also had fully grown adults, trick-or-treating. for themselves. no children were with them. so...needless to say it was a fun weekend!

anyway...some fun things to share with you this monday! i can't believe its november already. gosh.

a photo of my harry potter costume (which cost me a total of $2)
(yes that is luna lovegood next to me)

a feature about my wedding make-up on my artist's blog! follow her, she is adorable, has great style and is about to have her first little one. such a fun read ;-)

crazy about this wedding color combo. always have been. always will be.

gorgeous colorado wedding on amountainbride! the scenery is just too much

DIY fall/awesome thanksgiving project/decoration by my beautiful friend amy.

love love lovin this trend

and finally martha's killing me with her thanksgiving ideas

i mean really, who ever thought these things i always trip over could be super cute on a thanksgiving table?

happy monday!


  1. You make one kick-ass Harry Potter, girl. Well done!

  2. amazing costume! also, martha kills me too! so is so effin crafty

  3. 1. great outfit. you know that I love it.
    2. thank you for the shout out. I totally appreciate it.
    3. I want to be like Martha someday, sans the prison sentence.



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