Thursday, February 18, 2010

dj check.

wedding DJs: they can make or break the entire reception

we were planning on simply relying on an ipod playlist made by the two of us to keep the party going...(bad idea). probably due to the fear of the awful, self-centered wedding DJs who are there to put on a show and be as loud and obnoxious as humanly possible (cringe).

well relying on an ipod is fine if you aren't planning on having dancing at your wedding (perhaps for a backyard wedding or something somewhat smaller) however, we were certainly planning on having a party-thats what DJs are for. to read the crowd and keep the party going.

so, my mom and I began scouring the internet for DJS, even checking out some recommended by our venue.

some websites had cheesy flashing lights (on the website) and house music.
some DJs were rocking sweatbands on both their heads and arms trying to look as super hip
as possible.

ugh. but then my mom searched for local san diego DJs in yelp. thank god!!!!
because then she came across this man: DJ Mike Farmer
(i know, precious, right?) he is the most professional, most experienced, most understanding and helpful DJ i've ever met and/or spoken to. (how many have you met rachael? really? yes, there have been a few in my wedding lifetime)

anyway. Noah, who was the most worried about the whole DJ situation just LOVED him and so did I. i'll let his yelp posting speak for itself: yelp

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