Monday, February 15, 2010


registering for gifts has proven rather time consuming and/or overwhelming.
who knew there was such a thing as a fingertip towel???
or that you not only needed wine glasses, for both red and white (duh), but "high-roller" glasses as well? are they for the "high-rollers" that come over?
and do those high-rollers then employ the finger-tip towels after they've finished their drink?


well. with all of this confusion about fondue sets and margarita machines...i have been able to find a few delights that i am very excited about:

cirrus bedding from anthropologie

a pepper grinder!!
(who doesn't love it fresh-cracked over a caesar salad)

a dyson vacuum.

the registering saga continues...


  1. registering baffles me.
    it's a great idea.
    but i think its best put to use by registering for big items you really need (i.e. vacuum) as opposed to those frivolous things you don't (finger-tip whatever, or monogramed coasters etc)

    haha anyway, i know you will be wise.

    hey, love you.

  2. haha. its so true.
    so far we've only registered for the big things we really need.
    wine glasses and flatware and plates, etc we can always find at thrift stores and swap meets.

    so silly.



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