Thursday, September 23, 2010

wedding 6.

reception decor.

i was SO beyond excited when i finally got to look around at my whole vision come together!
gosh...did you all experience that at your wedding?

i mean, i could easily picture it all in my head, but to actually see it translated on the wedding day was just mind-blowing.

when i was out at thrift stores and swap meets, scouring for vessels for all of the florals, oftentimes it was hard to visualize them with flowers in them. most of the time, something about them just struck me and i went with it. thanks to hannah they all looked incredible and each stood out on their own.

i cannot wait to have REAL wedding photos to show you all from tec. hopefully i'll be getting them soon!!

(our friends wesley jensen and the wildcats who played for our cocktail hour)

have a wonderful thursday!!!


  1. looks great! your decor and the scenery is amazing!!!

  2. Hey your wedding looked so cool. I watched your video and is was AMAZING. The stills they captured were really pretty. I may need to steal them to shoot something for us, not sure what though since we're already married :)



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