Monday, September 13, 2010

wedding 4.

first of all...i got a job!!!! that is why i have disappeared lately.
so exciting because i was looking for such a hard time and i had been working every day last week. thank goodness.

anyway. i have some facebook photos to share with you of the reception now.
we've only received a few sneak peak images of our actual wedding photos from Tec
but i promise to share the wedding photos with you as soon as we get them. i can't wait!

the reception was so crazy, i mean the whole day went by so quickly but the reception
was a whirlwhind
it was so so fun and ended with the song "a little help with my friends," the Joe Cocker version
which turned into one giant swaying back and forth arm and arm with all of our friends.
it was amazing.

back it up babe.

several men ended up unbuttoned. oh my.

tomorrow i'll share some more specific/special dancing that took place.
and later on reception decor. ;-)


  1. hooray! it looks like a blast! love the unbuttoned look at the bottom too! ;)

  2. facebook pics are the bomb. and dang - your party looked ROCKIN'!!!



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