Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wedding 5.

the dances were some of the most fun, but also most poorly planned part of the wedding
i say that only because we didn't think to cut the songs at certain times
and when you are up there, with all eyes on you and your dancin partner, a song that takes 3 minutes can feel like 3 hours

all was well though because in between the songs, following our first dance, i told the dj to cut them down

especially when i danced to moonlight serenade with my grandpa (that song is like 10 minutes long, i swear)

the grandfather/daughter, mother/son and first dance as husband and wife though were by far some of my favorite memories of the day

i got to dance with two of the best men i know, and my mister's mom was beside herself enjoying that dance with her son. so special

look at this guy, who WOULDN'T want to dance with him???


  1. love when you twirl in that DRESS!!! perfect for twirling :-)

  2. this post is so sweet! I love that you danced with your grandpa! also, the pictures of yoru husband dancing with his mom are great. I felt really unprepared for the music too but I don't anyone notices details like that but the brides and grooms



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