Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wedding 2.

our ceremony was the most honest and real wedding ceremony i've ever experienced.
our pastor and friend who married us talked about the darkness in marriage, the hard times, instead of just focusing on adam and eve or the sanctity of marriage.
our vows were the same:

in mine i promised noah to work hard and not give up
to try always to be patient and kind
to support and respect him

in his he promised that although there may be times in the future that would be hard
that he would always be willing to apologize
that we would never go to bed angry
and that he would always work hard to change
(he cried the whole time, and i used my hanky to wipe up some of my own tears)

it was incredible. i'm not saying that ceremonies involving adam and eve, biblical references to marriage and so on are not beautiful or special. i'm just saying that ours was so us.
i loved every minute of it and i got to marry my best friend.


  1. your dress makes me swoon! everything about your day is gorgeous!

  2. yay! lovely, wonderful, special, personal, so many awesome things to hold onto.



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